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Pricing and Packaging 


Why You Need to Hire an Editor

Hiring an editor saves you time for you to focus on the content creation and getting your message out to your ideal listener. 

A professional editor is familiar with their DAW  (digital audio workspace) and knows the audio techniques to help you sound audibly attractive. 

Having a second set of eyes and ears can help you improve as a podcaster. From subtle advice on how to talk into the mic to the creation of key elements such as Intro, Outro, background music, and more.   

Hiring a professional editor saves you the frustration of revising your work alone. 

Did you know?

It takes an estimated 3-5 min of editing for each minute of audio!

All Packages Include 

Audio clean-up such as removal of filler words, long pauses, and unwanted material.

Adjust the Audio to sound audibly attractive with

Noise Removal


Equalizer   and more!

Add pre-created Intro and outro 

Add pre-created Ads ( If desired)

Background music (if desired) 

Crop and rotate (video)

Stabilization (video)

Animation/ Transition (video)

Standard Package

$400 a month / 4 episodes   

  $800 a month / 8 episodes 


One audiogram or videogram with w/music​

Edit episode/guest-specific cover art 

Upload episodes to the podcast platform 

and/or YouTube with your episode description and title

Podcast Specific Email sent to client with Social media Graphic

What does an Editor do?

An Editor takes raw content and listens/ watches. Listening and looking for anything that can distract from the message that you are sharing.  Taking out awkward pauses, unwanted material, and filler words (Ummm, and, like,) all while keeping it natural sounding.

For best audio quality, editors apply sound adjustments  Including; Trimming, Crossfading, Arranging, Compression, and Noise Reduction.  Editors want you to sound vocally attractive to your ideal listener

Integrating the different elements such as the intro, outro, ads, and music for professionalism and promoting who you are.  

Once the raw file has its “polish and shine” the file is exported in Mp3 (audio) and/or Mp4 (video) Format. Your content is then ready to be delivered to your audience via podcast platform or YouTube channel 

Turnaround Editing 


$300 a month / 4 episodes    

$600 a month / 8 episodes 

*Edited files are returned back to you*

Lightbulb Package

$600 /Month for 4 episodes     

 $1,200 /month for 8 Episodes 


One audiogram  or videogram  subtitled w/music

Edit episode/guest-specific cover art


 Written Episode description and Title 

 Upload to podcast platform and/or YouTube

 Transcription of Each Episode

 Podcast Specific Email sent to client with Social media Graphic

*Custom  Packages  Available* 
*Pricing is based on an average  of 45 minutes raw content * 
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